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Language Tool
This is a tool which could help you to welcome more people to join the jobs of translation. Because many people still feel so hard to open the language files and start to translate...^^||

LDAP integration for XOOPS 2.2
LDAP integration for XOOPS 2.2

LDAP Library for XOOPS
The LDAP Library provides a XOOPS-compartible way to access a LDAP repository. It contains an object handler like XoopsPersistableObjectHandler for LDAP and the possibility to have a XoopsObject stored in more than one data backend.

League Stats
This module can be used for football, soccer or other sports/games. The module generates a League table, top scorer lists, team details, player datails and more.

Legband Tracking System
This will be used to house a database of parrot leg bands. Users often need to search a leg band to see who the breeder was.

Legislative Office Module
The purpose of this project is to develope a xoops module increasing efficiency of legislative offices of publica administrations.The module allows users to manage needed information for each legislative act, to display listings and calendars.

Lexikon - Glossary Module
Lexikon is a dictionary-module to build a Glossary. It is a highly configurable XOOPS module.

Link2us Module
Link to us is a module that will allow your sites visitors to select a banner from your site by coping and pasting the html codes next to the banner. I am doing this because I have always found these types of pages very useful and want to incorporate the...

LiveHelp - Online Customer Support System for XOOPSLiveHelp is the new real-time, live chat, customer service software solution allowing customer support operators to chat to potential online customers browsing your web site.Note:The module requires /Fram...

Logistics Bid
Logistics Bidding System

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