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XOOPS DEV is a dynamic Object Oriented based open source portal script written in PHP.

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Welcome to the XOOPS Module Development Forge

The XOOPS Module Development Forge is a collaboration website for the development of open-source modules for the XOOPS system

View module development projects. Subscribe to mailing lists. Report module bugs. Submit module hacks and fixes. Join Communities. Start your own module development project. Post News. Collaborate over new ideas and technologies. Share source code, binaries, documentation, tips, configuration files, lessons learned, ideas for improvements, etc. That is what the XOOPS Development Forge can mean for you.

Apply for Module Developer Membership now! Add your skills to an existing project, or start your own module development project.

How to Apply
After registration you will be able to start your own project or contact project admins on projects, you are interested in.
Once you are added to the project team, you will get access to:
- Developer-to-developer forums;
- Security Talk forums;
- General XOOPS Development mailinglist;
- You can add your own module development project complete with
- - project CVS (hosted by SourceForge.net)
- - project news
- - project mailinglists
- - project filesystem
- - project documentation system
- - project member system
- - project trackers for bugs, tasks and patches
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