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G6ftp registration
Project to let any user to create and ftp account on selected g6ftp server.

Galeria Cosplay Panama

Galeria v2
Galeria V2, new version of galeria

GameCommander is a user-friendly Gameserver Management Software / Hosting application for the XOOPS portal system. Designed to work with XOOPS 2.0.6+.

Gameserver Plugin
Shows the status of game servers - current map, players, game type etc. Works with many games including UT2004, Quake 3, Half Life and other games based on those engines using the same query protocols.

Garage Module
A Enthusisust based module for variest types of enthusisusts, IE: Automative, tractors, PC's, Animals, Houses, ect.This module will alow members to post details about there hobby or Enthusiasum on a topic, with multi images.Registered and /or Guests can p...

German XOOPS Language Files
Status of this project: CLOSEDStatus dieses Projekts: GESCHLOSSENAktuelle deutsche Sprachdateien und Komplettpakete übersetzter Module finden Sie auf

Get Map
Get Map is a module that permits easy linking to mapping sites. It allows to directly link addresses shown on your site to a map, the user will not have to do the extra step of filling out a form.

Goober Widget
This module gives your users a direct connection to your instant messenger Goober (!It provides your users with the possibility to make contact to the website owner or to a support team. This can be done via chat, phone calls and eve...

Google Ajax Search
Google Ajax Search- web search using Google Ajax Search APIGoogle Ajax Feeds- shows RSS feeds using Google Ajax Feeds API- shows slide show based on Media RSSGoogle Ajax Maps- Search map from address- Show map which is specified latitude and longitude- Sh...

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