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Project: mx-directory
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Req. IDSummaryResolutionDateAssigned ToSubmitted By
3938Upgrade from xdirectory creates blank pageNone* 2006-05-19 22:42tripmongestroud
3939Unable to load admin sideNone* 2006-05-20 18:23tripmonnone
3949Description does not showFixed* 2006-05-22 16:30nonemsdana
3978Business HoursNone* 2006-05-31 20:41nonemsdana
3983coupons printingNone* 2006-06-03 02:33tripmontreblig1
3984coupon listingsNone* 2006-06-03 02:48nonetreblig1
4042Logo will not display in listingsNone* 2006-06-15 13:32zyspeczyspec
4076Cancel button not workingNone* 2006-06-28 14:50tripmonPeekay
4102something wrong about theme_blockleft.html.phpNone* 2006-07-08 05:01tripmonnightcat
4205Cannot change parent categoryNone* 2006-08-18 16:48tripmonPeekay
4206xdir_text table (needs) primary key?None* 2006-08-18 16:56tripmonPeekay
4207Coupon printing - blank pageWorks For Me* 2006-08-19 14:39nonePeekay
4208Submit coupon. Pop-up calendar pops-downNone* 2006-08-19 14:45nonePeekay
4209Missing tag in print_savings.htmlNext Version* 2006-08-20 12:04nonePeekay
4214Parse error after installNone* 2006-08-24 15:05tripmonjeremynj
4264Mxdirectory 3.01 RC1 to Xoops 2.0.14 & 2.015. It display blNext Version* 2006-09-19 12:19tripmonparasakura
4370Possible BUG report with mxdirectoryNone* 2006-11-13 19:03noneawarrior
4382Logo Upload ProblemNone* 2006-11-20 23:33nonezeroram
4392Error in admin site index.php?=op(all_options)None* 2006-12-06 10:36tripmonslyss79
4700Blank page on index pageNone* 2007-09-09 21:15tripmoncadnet
4701Can't ad coupon on 2.0.17 xoopsNone* 2007-09-09 21:18tripmoncadnet
4722Coupons listing by lidNone* 2007-10-12 15:54tripmonvimana
4774admin/categories/modify categories failsNone* 2009-12-16 19:55nonecharmed7
4927Send free text software requires very least effort and time in creatinNone* 2012-12-03 11:38tripmonnone
* Denotes Requests > 30 Days Old

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