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Project: SmartFAQ
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Req. IDSummaryResolutionDateAssigned ToSubmitted By
1881Catergories do not show up unless a Q&A has been postedNone* 2005-01-11 06:36marcantommyz
1882admin index page constantly refreshes when debug mode onNone* 2005-01-11 09:04noneChappy
1891bug d'affichage françaisNone* 2005-01-12 19:35nonenone
1894Notification ProblemsNone* 2005-01-13 02:01nonejseymour
2062Clipping occurs in Create a new category - select a parent categoryNone* 2005-02-08 22:51nonetommyz
2067<br /> tags inserted after every tr/td tagNone* 2005-02-09 16:18noneWairudo
2087Erro in Admin Index screenNone* 2005-02-12 06:02nonekaredokx
2416Users cannot modify FAQAccepted* 2005-04-01 12:27marcannone
2493CategoriesNone* 2005-04-18 07:33nonenone
2516Field types need to be changedNone* 2005-04-21 14:18nonemarcan
2537module breaks completely when all context blocks are enabledNone* 2005-04-25 18:58nonehyperpod
2621found in smartfaq/index.phpNone* 2005-05-19 20:32nonefelixxx
2686There is a error in the packageNone* 2005-06-08 06:47nonenone
2784測試中文None* 2005-07-21 04:02marcannone
28721.5 Beta 1 Doesn't Work On The User SideNone* 2005-08-23 05:10nonezimmi88
3007Category does not display unless a QA is postedNone* 2005-09-23 23:07nonetommyz
3208FAQs in categories nested deeper as 2 are not counted and displayedNone* 2005-11-19 09:30marcannone
3671FAQ cannot submit data if Database is MySQL 5.0.18None* 2006-03-03 05:15nonenone
3921Cannot amend Blocks and Users on Smart FAQNone* 2006-05-11 12:16marcannone
3959Patches for running under MySQL 5None* 2006-05-26 00:49nonenone
3960MySQL 5 incompatibilitiesNone* 2006-05-26 00:53nonedrekka
3961Modules fails when attempting to display latest updates.None* 2006-05-26 02:19nonedrekka
4231Fatal Error in SmartFAQNone* 2006-09-02 22:31nonetuxsoul
* Denotes Requests > 30 Days Old

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