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Project: SmartMedia
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[ #2720 ] Categorization - Folders and Clips

2005-06-18 03:46
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Categorization - Folders and Clips
Great module! I have a suggestion for the categorization scheme. The categorization scheme works great for a large scale site with a wide variety of different kinds of clips. But for a site with substantially the same types of clips, having to dig 3 levels deep (3 clicks) to get to the media is a barrier to usage and will invariably result in poor user acceptance and experience. It would be nice to be able to position clips at the top (category) page and on the second (folder) page, in addition to the 3rd (clip) pages. In other words, don't force the clip to be buried 3 or 4 clicks down into the site, unless full scale categorization and filing is required.

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