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Project: mx-directory
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Release Name: RC1


Sry... I botched the package for the initial release... I have updated the corrected zip and you can just overwrite and update the module if you have already installed... otherwise follow the instsll instructions in the package. This RC (RC1) is the follow on to mxdirectory beta2. Since it has been posted as mxdirectory2 all over the place (not by me) I have changed the revision of this rc to 3.00 in order to minimize confusion once the final is released. The final will be released as mxdirectory3. Please take the time to read the docs. Additional documentation canbe found in the docs area for this project. Make sure you don't leave matrix.php like it is, you need to edit it to reflect your custom setup... it is an example file to help you out & has a big ugly header that you don't want your visitors seeing...
Change Log
Too long to list...really... Some features / changes.... * Works with 2.0.10 and up & 2.2.X. * Site Administration * Custom directory naming (for new install or mxdirectory upgrades). * Upgrade script for xdirectory & mxdirectory beta 2 users. * Extensible Waiting Block Plugin. * Module Administration * User configurable display settings for up to 5 unique Option Levels. * Greatly Simplified admin interface. * Captcha graphic options for anonymous users. * A wealth of configurable blocks. * Block and Group controls * Module Specific Css file to customize display. * Fully Templated. * No Hardcoded Language. * User Features * Direct mailers to business owners & tell a friend. * Overview (MyListings) shows your options & waiting items at a glance. * Coupons. * Rss features. * Business Hours dropdown (12 or 24 hour clock). * Multiple Phone Numbers dropdown. * Country dropdown.