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Project: SuoloItalico Translating Team
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Release Name: ver1.0


|                       Xoops Comments CrystalHack                         |

Author  : Defkon1 
Mail    : defkon1(at)gmail(dot)com
Url     : 
License : GNU/GPL
Platform: Xoops 2.0.13+

CrystalHack implements:
- SecurityImage class v1.5 by DuGris (
- name field for anonymous users (for specify a nick instead of "Anonymous")

Why install this hack?
I think that the power of DuGris' class joined to the simplicity of my hack
will allow the webmasters to open comments functionality to anonymous users
without worrying about spammer.

How install this hack?
- make a full backup of your site (db and files)
- unrar the dfk_xcomments archive
- overwrite existing files with the content of the exploded archive
- modify /class/xoopsformloader.php adding the line:
include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/class/xoopsform/securityimage.php";

Et voilà!

|                             Package content                              |
\class\commentrender.php                   //dfk hack
\class\xoopsform\securityimage.php         //DuGris class
\include\comment_edit.php                  //dfk hack
\include\comment_form.php                  //DuGris+dfk hack
\include\comment_post.php                  //dfk hack
\include\comment_view.php                  //dfk hack
\kernel\comment.php                        //dfk hack
\language\english\global.php               //DuGris hack
\language\english\comment.php              //dfk hack
\language\italian\global.php               //DuGris hack
\language\italian\comment.php              //dfk hack
\uploads\securityimage\*.*                 //DuGris class

|                                  Credits                                 |

SecurityImage class v1.5 by DuGris

CrystalHack v1.0 by Defkon1

If you'd like my work please send me a postcard of your city! Address:
Alessio Marinelli Carlo Alberto 11/D
60127 Ancona (ITALY)

don't forget to write on it your name and/or nickname, because i will post
all received postcards on my personal site to give you thanks!

This module is distributed with absolutely NO WARRANTY!
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