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Project: SmartClient
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Release Name: SmartClient 1.0 Final


If you are upgrading from a previous version, don't forget to read upgrade.txt as it contains important informations.
Change Log
=> Version 1.0 Final (2005-03-07) ================================= - The images folder was changed to xoops_root/uploads/smartclient, for permissions reason. - Client logo upload fixed. - Errors fixed in the admin/index sort options. => Version 1.0 RC1 (2004-12-22) =============================== - The clients block random functionnality now works perfectly. - Error fixed when updating notification options on client.php. - If only the 'summary' field is completed, the client will be considered as a basic client and will not have a 'client' page. Links on the client logo will reflect this behavior. - < h2> and < h3> tags have been replaced by custom classes. - Any color definition has been removed from the module. - New config option to display a 'Back to clients index' link. - Changing the About page to use a class that create the page. - Errors fixed in the admin index sort options => Version 0.91 Beta 1 (2004-12-19) ================================== - First public release of the module.