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Project: SmartFAQ
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Release Name: SmartFAQ 1.04


Change Log
=> Version 1.04 RC 2 (Release Date : 2005-01-11) ================================================== - A fatal error was found in xoops_version that prevented a fresh install of the module. Thanks to Xavier ! - Enable HTML tags - not working #bug 1645 was fixed, thanks to Marius - When an admin submit a Q&A from the user side, it is now automatically published => Version 1.04 RC 1 (Release Date : 2005-01-10) ================================================== - A preview function has been added when Submitting a Q&A from the user side - In the FAQ template, the question has a link to the same page. This has been fixed - When no Opened Questions exists or the user don't have access to any Open Questions, he does not see the Open Question link anymore - A new config option has been added to allow or not the submission of new answer for already published FAQ - The 'New answer' icon at the bottom of an FAQ is not displayed anymore when the user does not have the right to submit new answer - A bug was fixed regarding the get_class function used in the SmartFAQ's classes (thanks to BigDDave) - When Anonymous was requesting a question it was still displayed 'Requested by Admin'. This has been fixed - HTML entities not escaped were fixed (bug #1646) thanks to Marius - Setting a block to display question from a specific category was not working. It has been fixed => Version 1.04 Beta 1 (Release Date : 2004-12-30) ================================================== - Layout and efficiency improvments in the template - Add a config option to display or not the last Q&As in the index page - Add a config option to display or not the top categories description - Add a config option to display or not the sub-categories in the index page - Add a block for Most Viewed Q&As - All form now uses templates