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Project: SmartFAQ
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Release Name: SmartFAQ 1.03 Beta


Change Log
=> Version 1.03 Beta 2 (Release Date : 2004-12-13) ================================================== - Error fixed when admin answers an Asked question - Characters problem fix when merging answers => Version 1.03 Beta 1 ====================== - When a user Requests a Q&A, the moderator can now answer this question and publish it aftwerwards. The question does not transit by the Open Question section. - When a new answer is submited for a Published Q&A, the moderator can now edit the answer before approving it, as well as merge the new answer with the original one and then edit this new answer. - The form to submit a new answer now displays the original answer of the Q&A. - When merging a new answer, the name of the poster is now inlcuded in the text as : 'Contribution by...' - When moderating questions or Q&A's, the name of the poster was changed for the name of the moderator. This has been fixed.