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Project: Wordbook - A multiglossary module
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Release Name: version 1.0


After a lot of comments and testings, this is my first official version of this module. Please notice this DOES NOT mean this is an official module. It still contains bugs, though I've tried to reduce them to their minimal expression. However, many people have wondered if the mod was dead, which as you see is not the case. If you spot bad bugs, please tell me so I can try to squash them.
Change Log
+ Corrected image handling, forbidding their appearance in index pages and in blocks. + Cleaned code to allow correct renaming of the module. + Removed almost all direct references to the name. + Included highlighting of the sought for term in the search results page. + Corrected pagination of search results page. + Included optional autolink feature. + Optimized code, moving a lot of code to functions. + Updated admin menu to include breadcrumbs and to use function. + Included in this release spanish language files.