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Project: CBB (newbb)
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Release Name: 2.0.2 Final


Change Log
Changes for 2.0.2: - Bugfix: silly delete Bug - Bugfix: Poll Button was visible even if selected disallow in the Forum settings - Bugfix: " was missing in templates viewtopic_flat.html and viewtopic_thread.html - Bugfix: read / unread - Bugfix: search typo error - Added: TinyMCE Editor support - Added: Permission setting for the Subject Prefix - Changes in the Language Files: added -- main.php ---- define("_MD_FORM_TINYMCE","TinyMCE Editor"); -- modinfo.php ---- define("_MI_SUBJECT_PREFIX_LEVEL", "Level for groups that can use Prefix"); ---- define("_MI_SUBJECT_PREFIX_LEVEL_DESC", "Choose the groups allowed to use prefix."); ---- define("_MI_SPL_DISABLE", 'Disable'); ---- define("_MI_SPL_ANYONE", 'Anyone'); ---- define("_MI_SPL_MEMBER", 'Members'); ---- define("_MI_SPL_MODERATOR", 'Moderators'); ---- define("_MI_SPL_ADMIN", 'Administrators'); ---- define("_MI_FORM_TINYMCE","TinyMCE Editor");