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Project: XOOPS Directory 'xyp4all'
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Need to have a directory of employees? How about a directory listing your staff? How about listing different teams? Then xYP4All is 4 you.

Imagine xDirectory on Steroids. Imagine xDirectory that works with register_globals=off. Imagine the xDirectory 'ship' being taken in a different direction by a crazy captain who isn't a PHP guru . . . . wait . . . that might not be a good thing. :o)
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Short Name: xyp4all
Registered: 2005-02-07 18:07
Activity Percentile: 0.00%
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xYP4All for XOOPS2xyp4all 1.58August 29, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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latest news

A Better XOOPS Directory - xYP4All

xYP4All version 1.58 is a minor bug fix/compatibility with XOOPS 2.2.X release. Enjoy!

gniknalu (Aug 30)

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ver 1.571 Xyp4AllFixes BAD IE Bug

Version 1.571 of Xyp4All fixes a bad IE bug. Now all your contacts should display properly in IE and Firefox. Enjoy! . . . . We will now return to your regularly scheduled program which is already in progress. . . . .

gniknalu (Mar 16)

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xyp4all - Your New Personnel Directory

With the release of version 1.57 of xyp4all, XOOPS finally has a flexible way to keep track of contacts. They can be organized into different regions, categories or relationships. You can add different roles - administrative, functional or whatever you choose. Each can have a picture. And the list continues. Another alternative use is for a family tree or keeping track of your genealogy! Enjoy!

gniknalu (Mar 11)

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First Release of xYP4All

Kazumi Ono made MyLinks. Adam Frick took it and produced xDirectory. Now I'm taking a shot at it from a different prospective. This is my first release [1.56 is the release version - one step avove the 1.5 version of xDirectory].

gniknalu (Feb 07)

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