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Project: XOOPS Workflow Module
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Workflow module for XOOPS based on GALAXIA Workflow.

Galaxia is a open source activity-based Workflow engine based on Openflow. That type of workflow is be defined by Entity-based workflows vs Activity-based workflows.

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Short Name: xflow
Registered: 2004-05-05 20:23
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xflow0.2-betaApril 17, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
DocumentationGraphviz - Graph VisualizApril 16, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
Workflow model (xml files)Music CD LoansApril 16, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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latest news

Xoops Workflow 0.2 beta released

The 0.2 beta of the XOOPS workflow Module (xflow) is out. Changelog : - Smarty plugin function.sameurl.php depreciated. (Can be deleted from XOOPS Smarty plugin directory). - Bug #2461 : Sql Error resolved - Templates reorganization - Code and template in the activity screen. Use the WEBFX Pane Object. - Change image module Please read UPDATE.TXT or INSTALL.TXT before installation.

pemen (Apr 17)

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First release of XOOPS Workflow Module is out !

This is the first release of XFLOW : a workflow module for XOOPS. This is an adaptation from the GALAXIA workflow module from tikiwiki project. This module works with ADODB (include in the package). For the moment, I use this libary to keep a compatibility with the original project from TIKIWIKI and to share evolution to this project. For me this project must bring new functonality and workflow features to the XOOPS CMS. Please give me feed back for this module. Read the README file in the package and read the GALAXIA documentation to understand the concepts. pemen (Pierre-Eric MENUET)

pemen (Apr 10)

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Project Start

The xflow project really start now. I plann to release a first beta version for April. The global roadmap is : - port the Galaxia workflow library from tikiwiki to XOOPS. - Change GALAXIA DAO from ADODB to XOOPS DAO. - Integrate XOOPS permission system access control - Improve templates For the future : - XOOPS Notification system. - interaction with a future XOOPS hook system ? - much more The goal of this module is to add business process management system capability to XOOPS. This workflow module will be use in business environment in a Identity Management system for e-provisionning. I'm waiting for beta testers for feed back. Thanks Pierre-Eric MENUET (pemen)

pemen (Mar 18)

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