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Project: Xoops2 Donations Module
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Xoops 2 Donations module, a Paypal IPN donation solution for the Xoops Content Management System.
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Short Name: xdonations
Registered: 2004-06-04 11:23
Activity Percentile: 0.00%
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Xoops2 Donations v1.xxDonations v1.9September 6, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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  - Donations v1.35
latest news

xDonations 1.9 Beta 1 Re-Added

It came to my attention that the download for xDonations 1.9 Beta 1 was broken, I've re-added the file and cleaned up the downloads section. Also, I can verify that xDonations works with Xoops 2.2.3 RC1 :-) Cheers

Jon L. (Sep 07)

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xDonations v1.9 BETA 1

xDonations v1.9 Beta 1 has been released. This release does not currently support upgrading from v1.4. Please contact the xDonations team if you want to help with development, or would like to provide feedback.

Jon L. (Nov 04)

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Further xDonations CVS changes

The latest CVS Nightly package (updated this afternoon manually, to make sure it had the latest changes) includes several bugfixes in blocks, the IPN file, and the administration. Also, there is a new addition of the Paypal URL configuration option in the administration, allowing the user to easily switch between and (sandbox is the paypal dev site for testing).

This change requires yet another fresh install of xDonations, due to the new sql addition. This is probably the most stable version of xDonations to date, with the exception of the known incomplete block settings. These should be finished this week.

Feel free to test and let us know what you think! And thanks to all the feedback and bug reports so far, they've been very helpful.

Jon L. (Oct 05)

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xDonations CVS Oct3 needs Testers

I've just uploaded a CVS package of xDonations. I would like to get testers and feedback on the module. I'm trying to transition the eventual point of v2.0, so it would be good to hear more ideas on what users would like to see.

The module is currently still buggy (the blocks, that is), since I'm in the middle of changing to the Xoops block preference management. The blocks will work fine as-is, but you'll have to switch between xDonations Donat-o-Meter block settings, and xoops block menu settings for each individual block.

This CVS release *must* be installed fresh, due to sql changes that have occurred since v1.4, and there is no upgrade path yet. Since v1.4, block and module template layout have changed a bit, support for multiple currencies added, options for different 'goal' types has been added into the admin interface (for future implementation via blocks), and the ability to assign a user to a new group/rank has been added as well, in addition to many bugfixes.

Remember, the module should work fine, but it's still in a state of change, and will be until it reaches a feature-freeze state ~v2.0.

Cleanup admin interface (use Xoops module preferences)
Send private message/email from Admin as a thankyou
Support multiple payment processors (other than Paypal. May be delayed until after v2)
Import prior donations from Paypal (donations not already stored in xdonations)
Show a grand total + monthly breakup of total
Earmark donation (allow user to specify what donation should go towards)
Limited duration group memberships (for purpose of paying to access a certain area, associated with a certain group)
Allow purchases, subscriptions (subscriptions can be used for repeated donations/purchases on a certain date)
Ability to list all donators on Donate page

Files Page

Jon L. (Oct 03)

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xDonations CVS Release 2

I've added another CVS file package, with the latest changes (almost all bug fixes) implemented. Please test this package and provide feedback. The new release is the August 6 release.

Jon L. (Aug 06)

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xDonations CVS files packaged for testing!

The xDonations project's latest CVS files have been packaged for testing. This is a test release only. Do NOT install it alongside your current Donations installation, as it will create errors!!! The Notes and Changelog are here: This release adds 2 new blocks, fixes several errors & notices, restructures the default template, and the module directory name has been changed from 'donations' to 'xdonations'. This has tested as stable thus far, but is NOT recommended for productions sites just yet! [b]Please test this release and provide any feedback possible. We will be adding more features before the next point release, and your feedback is appreciated.[/b]

Jon L. (Jul 27)

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