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Project: No-Ah: mod builder
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No-Ah is a xoops module which turns your database into manageable content groups. It can be used to quickly model web based applications with just a few lines of php. Supported by the flexibility and object oriented design of the xoops portal system, No-Ah lets you define an architecture for managing your information and provides a template based interface to customize how you access it.

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Short Name: xdb
Registered: 2004-04-21 02:15
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xdbNoAh 0.8.7 Beta ReleaseJune 13, 2004Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
XoopsForm ExtensionsXoopsTabsJune 9, 2004Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
NoAh 0.9preview 1March 31, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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latest news

NoAh 0.9 Preview read for download

I have finally been able to bundle up a copy of NoAh 0.9 that can be downloaded and tested. Please note. This is the stand-alone version of NoAh it is NOT intended to be installed as a normal xoops module. Instead it uses it's own installer and should in installed in it's own folder. This review package can be used to set up a completely independent web site or a secondary site which shares your xoops database. All of NoAh's features are designed around the primary goal of making web site content easier to manage and easier to change. * Create and manage database tables * Easily create HTML forms database tables * Connect to multiple databases * Automatically publish database content to web pages * Customize web page templates * Easily Combine pages together * Use simple PHP to customize and enhance pages * Assemble and share complex web based applications

fatman (Apr 01)

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NoAh 0.9 Class Documentation

There was discussion in the development forums over standards and documentation. It motivated me to use phpDocumentor to generate documentation on the NoAh 0.9 Class files. These are the second generation of class files used by NoAh. I'm really happy with the documentation as well. Great satisfaction for always commenting my code. The Commenting Standards as described in the Dev Wiki are all that is needed to generate similar documents. It's really not hard to do.

fatman (Mar 18)

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NoAh 0.9 Preview

The latest version of NoAh has been made available for preview at at I'm excited to be rounding the bend on this version and can't wait to release it to the xoops community. I still need to go through plenty of testing and officially bundle up the module so it is organized and well documented, however the module is finally has the core set of functionality to complete it's goals. regards.. fatman

fatman (Mar 14)

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NoAh support site down, but module still in development

The NoAh module is still in development even though the support site has gone down. Things have been a little slow, but good news is that there has been a lot of work going on in the background for NoAh version 0.9 0.9 will represent a complete re-design of the NoAh architecture and a slight change in goals. The core classes for NoAh are being rebuilt so that they can operate as a xoops module, or as a pure API accessible from inside or outside xoops. 0.9 is also being built so that it can discover content sources outside or inside the main xoops database. The target dates for 0.9 are Feb-Mar 2005.

fatman (Dec 08)

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No-Ah 0.8.7 plus API Docs and Support Site

Lot's of news tid bits for the No-Ah module. There is now a support site set up specifically for assisting developers building their mods with No-Ah's help. I'd like to give a MASSIVE shout out and thanks to Krayc for this. Visit: Also thanks to Krayc is the No-Ah API Documentation. Visit and click the API document link in the left menu. 0.8.7 supports new methods for filtering and searching content. Also new methods for sorting list columns. Many other template tweaks as well, including use of the complete XoopsTabs class. Check out the API documentation for XoopsTabs as well at the No-Ah support site.

fatman (Jun 14)

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NoAh 0.8.6 beta release

I've posted an updated and heavily tested version of my noah module. I've adopted the 'tab' concept for the main navigation and would appreciate any and all feedback on its effectiveness. The tabs use a XoopsTabs class file I'm experimenting with. The entire process of consuming exisiting database tables and turning them into editable content groups is pretty stable. I would like to challenge other module developers to use NoAh to create content groups with tables of your own. The process only takes a few clicks and it does not alter your tables in any way. (unless of course you add fields). Post in forums for support.

fatman (May 20)

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