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Project: Wordbook - A multiglossary module
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Wordbook is a flexible and versatile module that uses XOOPS features to provide the infrastructure to build attractive, usable and powerful glossaries, dictionaries, or encyclopedias.
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Short Name: wordbook
Registered: 2004-03-09 02:29
Activity Percentile: 0.00%
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wordbookversion 1.16August 29, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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latest news

New Wordbook v1.16

Wordbook v1.16 now available for download at Change Log: Fix: (by Alama) Grammatical and stylistic corrections to the English language interface to Wordbook 1.15 in main.php and modinfo.php Fix: Anonymous users can now see sub menu items if appropriated permissions are set. Fix: Fixed a bug in admin/entry.php. When an administrator modied an entry, became proprietary of entry and the combo box in which he could choose the author was ignored. Fix: Missing data in results produced by search.php. Not only was the category missing, but the entryID number of the term in the link is missing, making the first entry in the table come up for all word's links clicked. Modified: funtion getLinkedUnameFromId() in include/functions.php renamed to wb_getLinkedUnameFromId() to avoid possible duplicated function name error. Add: submit.php page uses now templates and css formating as the other pages do. Add: Submit option in main menu is shown only if user/anon-user is allowed to submit new words. (users and anonimous users privileges set in config section)

Dario Garcia (Aug 30)

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Patch to v1.15 Beta 2

Fixed a bug in admin/entry.php. When an administrator modied an entry, became proprietary of entry and the combo box in which he could choose the author was ignored.

Dario Garcia (May 24)

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Wordbook v1.15 Beta 2

Wordbook v1.15 Beta 2 now available to download from Change Log: +Included changes from wordbook v1.14 release. +Added comments. +New script to import data (terms) from Dictionary v0.9x module. (alpha version) +Bug solved in index.php. (Wrong link in random term block of the main page).

Dario Garcia (May 10)

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Ok. Here's version 1.00

For the three people who were waiting (and asking for) a new release of Wordbook, here it is. It's not Christmas yet, so it doesn't include all the asked for features, yet it does have a few goodies worth exploring: + Corrected image handling, forbidding their appearance in index pages and in blocks. + Cleaned code to allow correct renaming of the module. + Removed almost all direct references to the name. + Included highlighting of the sought for term in the search results page. + Corrected pagination of search results page. + Included optional autolink feature. + Optimized code, moving a lot of code to functions. + Updated admin menu to include breadcrumbs and to use function. + Included in this release spanish language files. Still has bugs (what software doesn't). I've tried to kill them all, but I'm sure some have crept behind curtains. I'm also sure you'll have a keen eye and quick fingers to let me know about them. Oh, and this release still doesn't include the updated help files. I'm in the process of capturing the new screenshots. Enjoy!

Horacio Salazar (May 09)

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Another round of bugfixes

Here's Wordbook version 0.94. I find it very stable in my environment, and most bugs have been fixed. If you find something terrible in this release, please let me know, so I can yell, scream and climb the walls. Thanks.

Horacio Salazar (Mar 24)

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Almost ready to launch

Wordbook, a module with the ability to act as a single or multiple category glossary, is almost ready to be thrown among the ranks of XOOPSland. The module is a "simplification"/adaptation of Soapbox that builds also on the features seen in other glossary modules. The idea is to build a module that will be generally useful to all XOOPS users. Since the back idea is still to have a module that can serve as the subject of an explanatory document on how to build a module, Wordbook lacks some features of the Catzwolf-style modules: it has no rating system, no comments system, no group permissions system. It's a simple yet elegant solution to the glossary concept. I hope you like it. Cheers.

Horacio Salazar (Mar 14)

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