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Project: Web Show
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The module wraps Jeroen Wijering's Media Player
( with a modified MyLinks directory that allows Xoops users to catalog and play single flash multimedia files, media directories and media links enclosed in atom, rss or xspf xml playlists (webfeeds, podcasts).

Jeroen Wijering's Media Player is under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share ALike license. A license must be purchased from Jeroen Wijering for commercial use.

Webmasters can use WebShow as a presentation module to display copyright approved audio (mp3), videos (flv), animations (swf) and image (jpg, gif, png) slide shows with music. Educators can use WebShow to create an multimedia presentation with text, slides and video playback.

Webcasters can archive, show and generate webfeeds of their podcast - vodcast library. The module is also a feed catcher and XSPF web feed generator. WebShow will filter a media directory by file type to generate and cache an xspf playlist for syndication. It also fetches and caches webfeed playlists at a selectable refresh rate.

Musicians, video producers and graphic artists can catalog, display and syndicate samples of their creative works. Indie Music sites can promote bands by genre/location, give each band a full web page, billboard specific acts and distribute multimedia playlists. Perfect for Creative Commons licensed acts.

Demo and Tutorial:

The singlelink view displays the custom player with an information box showing selected contents that include a logo, text description and webfeed, website, page url, embed and download links. There is also an optional full page text area available.

This module has three blocks:
Links - display several sorted or random Web Show playlist titles with logos.
Billboard - display one specific, sorted or randomly chosen playlist with options to show title, logo, description and/or popup player button.
Playit - load one specific, sorted or randomly chosen playlist into the Flash Player with options to show the title, logo, short description and/or popup button.

The admin side includes forms for categories, playlists and player preferences. Add categories and subcategories with images. Edit playlist info and set the flash variables in the playlist editor. Create custom player templates and color styles with the player editor.

In order to teach myself how to build a XOOPS module, I have studied, emulated and used code written by real developers. This module would not exist without the open source contributions of the following XOOPS masters.

Jeroen Wijering , Flash Media Player
D.J. (phppp), class/xoopseditor, Frameworks and Tag module.
Herve Thouzard (Hervet), MyLinks meta tags, admin forms
zoullou , XoopsFormColorPicker
Kazumi Ono (onokazu) and Jochen B√ľnnagel (Bunny), XOOPS MyLinks Module

Thanks for sharing your time and talent with the XOOPS community.

Upload media files with an FTP client. No media upload thru the module
Front side users can submit a URL pointing to an xml webfeed. They can not upload media files.

Requirements: Please download and install Frameworks, WYSIWYG Editors for XOOPS (class/xoopseditors) and the TAG module by phppp. All are available on this site.

Upload and install the module using XOOPS Modules Administration.

Xoops 2.2.5:
XOOPS 2.2.5 users will need to upload the xoopsformloader.php and xoopsform/formcolorpicker.php files to their XOOPS class directory.
xoopsformloader.php has been modified with include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/class/xoopsform/formcolorpicker.php";

Backup your site and database.
Upload the new version, overwriting all existing files.
Update the module in system / modules admin as usual.
Clear template_c folder.
Check module preferences.
Set download permissions.
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Short Name: webshow
Registered: 2007-03-22 23:22
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latest news

WebShow v0.65_beta

WebShow Version .65 beta is now available at New features include media search, media player in all page views, logo fetch/resize and many bug fixes.

tcnet (Oct 13)

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WebShow V.63_beta Released

WebShow catalogs, syndicates and plays single files and webfeeds containing flv, mp3, and image media. This release adds plugins for embedding media from eleven popular sharing sites and many other improvements. Visit for details.

tcnet (Apr 28)

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WebShow V.61 Released

New functions include WYSIWYG editors, captcha and tags. Frameworks, class/xoopseditors and Tag module now required. New catalog and poster views display the player along with the media list. Improved embed codes and templates. Please visit for support documents, development forum and demonstration.

tcnet (Sep 12)

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WebShow v.57 Player Admin Patch

I have failed to update admin/player.php in the webshow_v.57 release which is causing the admin's Player Editor to perform incorrectly. Please get from the dev site. Upload the patch to webshow/admin/player.php, overwriting existing files. Sorry for the omission, TCNet

tcnet (Jul 12)

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WebShow v.57 Released

WebShow v.57 uses JW Media Player 3.9 to present video, music and image web feed shows with pre and post roll advertisements. Select what information will show on the page including logo, description, credits, statistics and page, feed, site, embed and download links.

tcnet (Jul 08)

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WebShow v.55_beta Released

WebShow Version .55 moves the module to beta with many improvements including playlist caching, permissions and administration. This module enables musicians and artists to catalog, display and syndicate samples of their works.

tcnet (Jun 19)

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