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Project: VideoBB
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Suppose that you have some server sharing folder filled with movies.
You (and your users) can access these movies thru sharing but might be you
want to rate, to descript each movie, to see some hits statistic and simply
to have some more user friendly interface than usual shared folder.
What is done in this version:
* VideoBB build web page for all subfolders in a root folder
Page contain links to subfolders with movies, it's ranks,
description, genre, modification time.
* Supported sorting of movies with different modes (&& reverse).
* Ability to view movies in browser (Gecko && IE).
* Recursive dirirectories support.
* Builtin FAQ & Feedback system for VideoBB. (adm. configurable)
* XOOPS codes && smileys in description are allowed.(user configurable)
* Builtin logging.(adm. configurable)
* Set of configurable options for Admin && user.
* License information for movies might be displayed.(adm. configurable)
* Automatic rearrangment of movies in root folder into created sub-folders
with similar name.(adm. configurable)
* readme.txt && genre.txt files, are generated during movies description
&& can be readed to fulfill missing information about movie.(adm. configurable)
* Images uploading for each media.
* Comment system.
* Configurable set of root folders.
* Admin prune options

Module tested with Samba servers using file://a.b.c.d/some_shared_url, but
http or similar servers supported.
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Short Name: videobb
Registered: 2005-07-11 12:57
Activity Percentile: 0.00%
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VideoBB 2.0bvideobb_2.0bJuly 11, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
VideoBB 2.1videobb_2.1July 15, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
VideoBB 2.2videobb_2.2July 23, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
VideoBB 2.3videobb_2.3_update1September 25, 2005Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
VideoBB 2.3.1videobb_2.3.1October 29, 2006Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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latest news

VideoBB 2.3.1 releases

Bug fixes release.

Kutovoy Nickolay (Oct 29)

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VideoBB - French

Translation of module language to french is done by Malmoth (Frederic Rejaudry). You can download it from Files section. Regards.

Kutovoy Nickolay (Sep 25)

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VideoBB v2.3 released

Version 2.3: + Ability to change media name added, so u can change media name without media related information lost. * Media name change, genre and description change are avalaible only to media moderators. * Media moderators can be granted to users via granting XOOPS admin rights for module or via VideoBB config option. + Some missed language constants added && some PHP generated warnings fixed.

Kutovoy Nickolay (Aug 05)

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VideoBB v2.2 released

Changelog from v2.1: * Security improvements. * SQL request optimization && caching, saved up to 50% in time and SQL queries count; + Configurable root folders feature, you can now add as many root folders as you need, with different extensions of media files to show. + Images uploading to assign an image to folder with media. + XOOPS templates engine used. + XOOPS comment system used, you can comment each media. + Admin prune options added. - Fresh video block removed till next version.

Kutovoy Nickolay (Jul 23)

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VideoBB v2.1 released

New version available for download from now, version 2.1 is first (and not last ;) non developer-to-developer release, changelog is here: * Major part of engine was rewrited/restructurized/fixed to comply XOOPS standarts and rules. + Added rich set of configurable option into admin panel. All hardcoded option are accessible now via admin panel. + Created upgrade script for upgrading from pre 2.1 version to 2.1. (surely for next versions it will be avalaible too) * Feedback system rewrited. All data saved and edited thru database. * Logging system rewrited. Some security check done. (like anti-injection) * Better translation for english written. English and Russian will always be two languages at least for which any new version of VideoBB will be translated. + Some importing function added for guys who successfully set up two or more VideoBB v2.0 modules and wan't to merge it into single now. (Will be used later when multy-root version on VideoBB come) * Some minor design changes into main movies list done.

Kutovoy Nickolay (Jul 15)

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VideoBB v2.0b released.

VideoBB v2.0 =================== Suppose that you have Samba server with shared folder filled with movies. You (and your users) watches these movies but they might want to rate, to descript them and to have some more user friendly interface than usual Samba shared folder. What is done within this module: VideoBB build web page for all folder in samba root folder (module automaticly move all movies from root samba folder to automaticly created folder with similar name). Page contain web links to folders with movies, it's ranks, description, genre, mod. time. Supported sorting of movies with different modes (&& reverse). Ability to view movies in browser (Gecko && IE), recursive dirirectories support and a bit more. Some old demo version is available at (russian language, movies located within local network - so no downloading possible). Features: ============= 1. Web access to shared samba folder with movies. 2. Voting of each movie folder. 3. Movies in root folder will be moved to corresponding (created by module) folder automaticly. 4. Description, genre attributes for each movie folder in DB && in text files in movie folder. 5. Recursive structure of movies folders (eg. trilogy, etc). 6. Sorting of movie folders by name, vote, date of folder creation, genre, hits (+reverse mode). 7. Text to smileys filter. 8. Text filter. 9. "Movie windowd in browser" support (req. IE5+, Mozilla). 10. Builtin simple FAQ section, Feedback section. 11. Logging in access.log file, to disable modify in index.php line : $logging = 1; Best regards.

Kutovoy Nickolay (Jul 11)

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