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Project: phpGedView for Xoops (revived)
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phpGedView for Xoops integrates the stand-alone package of PGV into Xoops, providing Xoops with a genealogy and family tree module.

phpGedView allows you to upload genealogy files (GEDCOMS) and display charts and reports online. You can manage multiple families with PGV, and you can also edit your genealogy online, allowing you to collaborate with other researchers. The PGV project can be found at
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Short Name: pgvxoops
Registered: 2005-10-04 02:43
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pgvxoopsXoops Patch to PGVNovember 10, 2006Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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latest news

PGVXoops 1.02rc has been released

The latest release of phpGedView for Xoops is ready for download. In this release, the core is now based on PGV 3.3.8 and I have made some fixes and changes to the module: * If the Xoops user profile of the technical contact or genealogy contact does not contain a real name, the username will be used instead * The config file now includes the Xoops DB configuration information, the additional steps at installation are no longer necessary * Errors that prevented the Upcoming Events block from displaying in PHP4.4.x have been corrected * Several corrections to the Cloudy theme have been made This release can be used to upgrade an existing PGVXoops installation and also for a new installation from either PGV3.3.5 or PGV3.3.8. There are still some stylesheet and theme fixes needed for some browsers and some Xoops themes, this has been tested in the Xoops default themes and morphogenesis for 2.0.14+ Still to come - * Xoops blocks based on the pgv blocks * Xoops search integration Enjoy! Steve [See this in action at http:/]

Steve (Nov 11)

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Change to 1.01 package

A recent discovery has lead to a change in the 1.01 release package - I selected the wrong file when building the package, which left the authentication_xoops.php out of the release. This has been corrected.

Steve (Aug 13)

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PGVXoops 1.01 RC released

I've finally gotten the package together and added to the files area for the updates submitted to CVS. This patch is much smaller than the original because I only included new and changed files. The original release included a lot of image files in the themes folder that didn't need to be replaced. For new installs, remember to download the PGV 3.3.5 package first and upload it to modules/pgv before uploading the pgvxoops patch. Follow the instructions in the readme-xoops.txt. For upgrades, simply upload the new 1.01 patch. If you want the version to be updated in your admin area, update the module. Otherwise, you will not need to do anything else.

Steve (Mar 19)

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New files uploaded to CVS

I have just uploaded a bunch of fixes into CVS - I will package these later and place them in the files area. With these fixes, only one bug remains to be dealt with!

Steve (Mar 07)

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Patch for SunTzu Worm Attacks

A worm has been targeting phpGedView installations, and the developers of PGV have released a patch to correct this vulnerability. I have committed the changes to the CVS, and I have released a patch for PGVXoops. I have experienced a few attempts by this worm to compromise my site, but the attempt has failed. It does result in me receiving a message that a new user has registered for the site (but the user has not been inserted into the database). One of the tasks on my to-do list is to remove the PGV login_registration logic and replace it with the Xoops logic. Until that is complete (and even after it is complete),I recommend you disable new user registration through the PGV interface. Under Admin -> Configuration: Allow visitors to request account registration - set it to 'No'. As always, back up your files before doing any upgrade.

Steve (Dec 30)

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Complete set of files uploaded to CVS

I have uploaded all the files necessary (pgv3.3.5 plus the patch files) to use this module into CVS. PGV is a pretty hefty-sized project as a standalone package (close to 5.5MB), and there is a lot of work to do to pare it down considerably before I can post a complete package.

Steve (Oct 16)

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