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Project: News
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The Xoops News Module.

It will be totally revamped with more functionality, visually as well as administration-wise
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Short Name: news
Registered: 2003-11-25 01:51
Activity Percentile: 54.92%
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latest news

News 1.50

I am very pleased and very proud to present you a new version of the Xoops News module. Contrary to what I had decided, this new version brings many new functionalities. The first good news for you, users of this module, is that you will not have to wait for the version 2. I wanted to completly rewrite the module's code (in the version 2) before to add some new functionalities but it requires a very important amount of work, that's why I have decided to add some of them now to this new version wich can be considered as an intermediate release. As a result, it is labeled 1.50 and not 1.45 In a certain manner, I'm following the steps of the Xoops Core with its serie of versions 2.0.x before the big new one. The News module is coming with really many new and innovative features. As used, there is a set of bugs corrections but you will see some very interesting new possibilities in the module. The second good news is that we have created our Open Source Internet company, [url=][b]Instant Zero[/b][/url], and this one will assume the module's development, spread and support. [url=]Instant Zero[/url] is composed of four famous french Xoopsers, Christian, Marco, Philou and myself ;-) My other modules, like Newbbex, Marquee, Shortcuts, MyIframe, iSearch, UserPage and Boox will be also developped, supported and spread out by our company. Now let's go back to the module. First of all, and before to see the new features, we are calling for help for the module's translations and for the documentation. Translators, you will find an updated version of the file [i]lang.diff[/i] at the root of the module's archive. [url=]Contact us if you have updated some translations or added a new one[/url] Concerning the module's documentation, it has been modified and enhanced but actually it is still "only" available in french. Like for the translations, we are asking for help. [url=]So if you can correctly translate the document in another language, please write us (this will be useful for the whole community)[/url] [b]New features[/b] Here is a "quick" tour of the new functionnalities added to the module (see the file changelog.txt in the module for a full listing of all the modifications) - First, I have added a block to show archives - Secondly, all the module's blocks can be used as many times as you want   because you can use an "on the fly" function - You have a new page called "Who's who" showing you a list of the authors of   your site (this page is only visible if you have activated the "news by this   author" option)   If you have a website with many contributors, that' an easy and interesting   way to place them under the spotlights. - I have added support for Xoops 2.0.14 (and newer versions) for the meta   informations - The module can use TinyEditor - You can manage topics permissions from the topic's form (in the module's   administration) while you are creating or editing a topic. - You can enter the authorized mime types to join files in the module's options. - In the module's administration, where you can create a newsletter's content,   you can now select to remove html tags and you can add an header and a footer. - You can display a block, called "Bookmark this article at these sites" on the   article's page.   With this "block", your users will have the possibility to bookmark your   articles on some very famous Web 2 sites like or - You have a new page to display a topics directory - An enhanced metagen.   You can now customize more easily the way the module creates the meta informations. - I have added a new feature "FootNotes".   This option is used for printable versions of your articles.   When it is activate and when you print an article , you can see, in the page's   footer a table with links from your document.   This is really usefull for your visitors because usually, when you print an   article, you "loose" the links because you can't see them. - I have added support for the Dublin Core Metadata in the article's page.   Dublin Core Metadata are, as the name state, a set of meta datas used to   describe your documents.   Dublin Core Metadata is a, not really new, "meta language" wich can be   compared to RSS.   Some important programs used by the archivists, universities and some   commercial companies can extract and classify documents because of the   Dublin Core Metadata.   I really hope that a such feature will help xoops to reach a more   professionnal "population" with professionnal needs. - Firefox 2 visitors of your site can use "Micro summaries" :   For those of you who don't know this, Firefox 2 has introduced a new kind of   dynamic bookmarks where users can have a bookmark's title who's title change   when your site's content change.   The objective of this is to keep your users informed and "captivate" by your   site. - You can display advertisements (Google AdSense for example) in your articles.   There is a new module's option that you can use for this. - In your articles, you can now replace the syntax used to separate pages with   a new one (thanks Bender)   To be able to use it, you must, in the modules option, select the suitable   option ("Use enhanced page navigator ?")   Then, to use it, inside your articles, you can separate pages like this   (imagine this is the content or your article) :     Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit,     [pagebreak: Here is my page 2]     sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam.     Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper     nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.     [pagebreak: This is the development]     Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse,     vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et     [pagebreak: Conclusion]     accumsan et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril     delenit augue duis dolore te feugait nulla facilisi. [url=]For a visual example, see this picture[/url] - You can also, now, use, inside your articles, the new "meta variable" [summary].   This will automatically create a summary by using the pages titles you gave in   the [pagebreak] "tag". [b]Xoops supported versions[/b] You can use this new version on all the recent versions of Xoops 2.0. We did not tested the module with Xoops 2.2 but it should run. [b]Support[/b] You can get support on the community website of Instant Zero : [b]How to upgrade[/b] Copy all the files to your site (and be sure to erase the old files), then go in the Xoops modules manager and upgrade the module. In case of troubles, consult the file UPGRADE.txt present in the module. [b]Download[/b] You can download this new version on the community website of Instant Zero : We hope that you will like this new version and all the team of Instant Zero wish you an happy Xoopsing, [url=][b]Instant Zero[/b][/url]

Herve Thouzard (Dec 01)

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News 1.41, updated version

A new version of the News module has just been released. This version corrects several bugs. You can use it on a production website. [b]How to get the module[/b] Simply go to its homepage : [b]How to upgrade[/b] If you were using the 1.4 version, you just have to copy the files to your website. If you had a version 1.1, you must also launch this script : replace with your website's name. [b]Changelog[/b] > For security reasons, I have removed the Xoops version from the printed version of an article > I have corrected an error in the block called "Navigate thru topics", the number of news was false, it was counting expired articles (thank you Solo71) > I have modified the backend.php script so that it uses every news (not only those who are described to be only visible on the homepage) > The four tables visibles in the module's admin and containing news will now use a pagenav > I have removed all the htmlentities for multibytes languages > The number of sql queries of the "top news" and "recent news" blocks was reduced > There was a minor problem in the pdf generated from a news with its topic's title > There was a bug when you was editing a news from the admin site (thanks you jlz78) > I have reduced the count of sql queries in the module's index page > I have corrected a bug in the option "Enable authors to edit their posts"

Herve Thouzard (Oct 05)

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News 1.4

A new version of the News module has just been released. This version corrects several bugs. You can use it on a production website. [b]How to get the module[/b] Simply go to its homepage : [b]How to upgrade[/b] Copy the files to your website and upgrade the module in the modules manager. If you had a version 1.1, you must also launch this script : replace [i][/i] with your website's name. [b]Important notes[/b] 1) If you had problem with the previous version, and especially a message like this one : Smarty error: unable to read resource: "db:xxx.html" in file class/smarty/Smarty.class.php line 1084 Then you must update to this new version. As I have reported it [url=]here[/url], it's not possible, in Xoops 2.2.x to have two blocks using the same html template file. In the previous version ( I have modified the file xoops_version.php to add a different file for the "recent news" block and the "top news" block. Unfortunatly, this modification cause problems with Xoops 2.0.x I have spent some time to search why but did not find any solution... ??? Xoops 2.2 users will not have two different blocks "top news" and "recent news" but just one. 2) I had many reports about problems with author's name. Those problems are related to Xoops [b]2.2.x[/b]. For example when you edit an article you did not wrote, the author's name will not be visible in the list of authors. [u]To conclude, you can use the News module with Xoops 2.2.x [b]but[/b] you will have problems[/u] [b]Changelog[/b] > I have added the code recommanded in Xoops for security reasons > Some templates were corrected to be a little more (but not completly) w3c compliants > It was possible to download files joined to an article for wich you did not have the necessary permissions > It was possible to edit articles from other authors > The news counter is not updated anymore when its author is reading the article or when you are in the Admin's group or a module's admin > You could have a broken image when the "recent news block" was used (thanks to jegelstaff) > A typo was corrected in the block used to moderate news ("letf" instead of "left") > News that was not approved were not deleted when you was deleting its topic > I have added rel="nofollow" to the link to email the article to a friend > There was a bug in the "prune manager" when you was selecting to use only expired articles (thanks to alain01) > The number of meta keywords automatically created by the News module is now limited to 20 keywords (thanks to tl for the remark) If you want to change this limit, edit the file /xoops/modules/news/include/functions.php and find this line : $tmp=array_slice($tmp,0,20); // If you want to change the limit of keywords, change this number from 20 to what you want > You can import your articles from AMS 2.41. To do it, launch You must be a module's administrator to launch this script. The script imports topics, articles, files, links, ratings, comments and notifications from Ams WITHOUT removing *anything* from it. The only thing you have to do is to recreate the permissions. WARNING, Once you have imported your articles from Ams, if you delete a news in the News module and if this article have some attached files, they will be also deleted in Ams ! You can launch this script as many times as you want but this will create as many news and topics as you launch the script The imported article is always the last version in Ams Bye, Hervé

Herve Thouzard (Aug 18)

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News 1.3.12

This version was mainly created to support the new way Xoops 2.2 uses extended editors like Kiovi. You can use this version with Xoops 2.0.13 AND Xoops 2.2 Changelog : > The module is now capable to use the editors provided with Xoops 2.2 (The module is also runing with older Xoops versions) > I have modified the templates so that the news printable version, the pdf version and the rating pages are not indexed by robots (thanks to tl for the tip) How to upgrade : Copy the files to your website and upgrade the module.

Herve Thouzard (Aug 11)

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News 1.3.11

This version is a bug correction version. You can use it on a production website Changelog : > A bug was corrected in the PDF's titles > A fatal error in the script used to print an article > The cache's update was not placed correctly when you were deleting a topic > A constant was visible in the PDF's footer If you were using the previous definitive 1.3.1 version, you don't need to launch the module's update, you just have to copy the files to your website.

Herve Thouzard (Jul 07)

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News 1.3.1 Definitive version

Hello, The definitive version of the News module, 1.3.1, is available. You can use it on a production website It corrects some bugs of the previous release candidates. [b]List of changes[/b] - A correction in the automatic generation of keywords and description has been made. - The generation of PDFs was updated with the CBB's code. - The statistical's part of the admin has been corrected - A bug in the topics permissions has been corrected - The module's seach was also corrected [b]How to get the module[/b] Simply go to its homepage : [b]Upgrade[/b] Launch the following script : [b]Php 5 compatibility[/b] The module was succesfully tested with Php 5.0.4 Many tests were made with phpcoverage and xdebug to be sure that early all the code was treated by Php that's why I can affirm that the module is Php 5 compatible. [b]More[/b] For more information on the new possibilities of this release, read [url=]this article[/url] [b]See it in action[/b] You can [url=]see the module in action on this website[/url] Have a look to the page's source code to see the automatic generation of keywords. Bye, Hervé

Herve Thouzard (Jun 26)

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