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Project: mx-directory
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This project provides a no-globals version of xdirectory with additional search by alpha, coupons, and premium services listings.
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Short Name: mx-directory
Registered: 2005-03-29 09:53
Activity Percentile: 0.00%
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5 - Beta and RC ReleasesNew IndexMarch 11, 2007Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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latest news

mxdirectory 3.0 RC1 is out!

After much longer than it should have been.... mxdirectory 3.0 RC1 is available in the files section! Just some of the features / changes.... * Works with 2.0.10 and up & 2.2.X. * Site Administration * Custom directory naming (for new install or mxdirectory upgrades). * Upgrade script for xdirectory & mxdirectory beta 2 users. * Extensible Waiting Block Plugin. * Module Administration * User configurable display settings for up to 5 unique Option Levels. * Greatly Simplified admin interface. * Captcha graphic options for anonymous users. * A wealth of configurable blocks. * Block and Group controls * Module Specific Css file to customize display. * Fully Templated. * No Hardcoded Language. * User Features * Direct mailers to business owners & tell a friend. * Overview (MyListings) shows your options & waiting items at a glance. * Coupons. * Rss features. * Business Hours dropdown (12 or 24 hour clock). * Multiple Phone Numbers dropdown. * Country dropdown. and more... Please read the RC1 release notes as well as the readme files in the module itself. If you are wondering how to do something, post to the forums. Got bugs? Post to the bug trackers. I could use help updating the languages as well, we have placed a diff files for all the new constants to make it easier for you to help us translate! Enjoy

tripmon (May 19)

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Just wrapped the initial code

With the feature additions (and there are alot) completed, we should be able to do a quick debug and get the RC out around the weekend. Right now we're dealing with some 2.0 vs. 2.2 issues that we need to resolve, as well as just cleaning up the tools & little junk piles we left lying around. I'll post more before the weekend...

tripmon (Apr 27)

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MX-Dir Back on track...

Over the course of the next week, I plan on releasing a new version which includes some features you guys have been asking for. For now, there are no Files available (old removed) as we work through the features to be added. Zyspec has joined this project and will be contributing with development as well as asthetics. We are currently in discussions, but once we agree on changes, this should go pretty fast.

tripmon (Apr 04)

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mx-directory RC1

The mx-directory RC1 release will be out Friday the 27th. More news on release day.

tripmon (May 24)

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Mx-directory Beta2 released.

Mx-directory Beta2 has been released. Now with update scripts for xdirectory 1.5. Thanks to all who provided input, support, and code. Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes... mxdirectory BETA2 * Bug Fixes: o Removed index.html in root. o Activated Return To Category Link in AlphaView (Leased from Wtravel and Tzvook) o Fixed Premium gets reset problem when admin approves 'Modify Listing' request * New Features: o Admin can now transfer ownership via 'Modify Listing' approval page.(Just don't ask why) o Added Groups and Blocks admin (Borrowed from GIJOE) o Added Upgrade scripts (On loan from Herve') o ahora en Español (grito hacia fuera a Zeroram) PLEASE: read the docs, use the trackers. Thanks, Tripmon

tripmon (Apr 28)

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Beta 2 coming

Thanks for the feedback on mx-directory beta 1. The issues submited to the forums and trackers have been resolved, and I am currently working on the upgrade scripts for beta2, which should release this week. More soon.... Tripmon

tripmon (Apr 26)

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