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Project: Google Maps
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A simple way to include a map using free google maps api into xoops and add markers and polylines
Trove Categorization

Short Name: googlemaps
Registered: 2006-01-16 13:59
Activity Percentile: 9.30%
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Google MapsVersion 0.4May 18, 2006Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
TranslationsSpanishFebruary 10, 2006Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
Dev Fileslanguage / englishFebruary 13, 2006Release Notes - Monitor This PackageDownload
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GoogleMap Version 0.4

At last after me being lazy and a fair few modifications I have made the module capable of using the Googlemap V2 which has the capabilities of heaps more features along with the main function of displaying a fair chunk of Europe. I have actually been running this for a while on my site although just didnt get around to adding in the upgrade scripts etc needed. It also gave me time to iron out any other lingering bugs. I'm sure this will help a lot of you where your country was not previously mapped. Please read the readme as there is a sqlupdate to run as google have changed the way the zoom levels work so that in time they can add greater zooms with higher quality photos. Finally there probably wont be any more updates on this module for at least 4 months as I am off traveling around Europe soon (hence the upgrade) although any feed back is greatly appreciated and also suggestions for enhancements. If there are any problems please let me know and I will try fix them. Installation: 1. Just unpack and upload to modules directory as usual 2. Install in module administration 3. Configure module in prefs 4. Obtain an api for your site from google. Link is given in the config page. 5. Add your categories and points from the module menu. Upgrading: 1. Upgrade module in xoops admin 2. Run update script to adjust zoom levels 3. Login as admin and in preferences / google maps set a map type otherwise the sidebar will not display Change log Version 0.4 -Added code to handle V2 of the google API making europe maps available -Added ability to choose a map type to display as default -Fixed Shifted sidebar to the side of the map to help if categories get too big

phatbloke (May 19)

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Europe Maps

If there are any European users out there you may or may not be aware that google has now released street maps for a fair part of Europe. To be able to use this I have to update the code in this module to use API v2 of the google maps script. I have all but completed this so once I tidy up the code and check for bugs I will release a new version soon.

phatbloke (Apr 27)

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Version 0.3

Hi Well after heaps of bug fixing (of which included v0.2) I believe I am now ready for V0.3. I have had a major tidy up and things should display a lot better and hopefully with no bugs this time. Please let me know if you find any with as much of an explaination of what when wrong as possible. New Features -Dynamic menu system for categories -First category is now the default display. No extents link -Ordering for points and categories Fixes -Some language issues -Admin area templates now cleaner -Polyline displaying now works -IE and Firefox now works 100%

phatbloke (Feb 05)

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Version 0.1 Released

Well after much tweaking and changing I have a release for other people to test out. I made this module strictly for my own use but thought why not let everyone have a look and test out. I have adjusted it a lot and made it a lot better from my first version for my use and hopefully is easy enough for everyone to use. You can download the first release from here

phatbloke (Jan 22)

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