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Project: Formulize - ad hoc form creation and reporting
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Short Name: formulize
Registered: 2004-12-21 22:14
Activity Percentile: 0.00%
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Formulize files now on

All Formulize development activity has moved to Please visit that site to download files and read support forums. Thanks!

--The Freeform Solutions Team

Julian Egelstaff (Jul 14)

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Formulize 2.3 RC1 released!

Formulize 2.3 RC1 is now available, and contains some huge new features. The most obvious one after you've installed it, is the way "list of entries" screens are now broken down into pages, which gives huge performance improvements, in conjunction with the new caching system. But even better than that, is the new "screen" system that gives you point and click control over every aspect of "list of entries" screens, and lets you make multiple versions of that screen for each form! The screen system eliminates 90% of what you used to use Pageworks for, and now puts even more power than Pageworks has into a graphical admin interface that anyone can use to create custom interfaces for their applications. We look forward to seeing how people put these new features to use. Don't be afraid to post in the forums. Good luck, thanks for reading! --The Freeform Solutions Team

Julian Egelstaff (May 24)

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Formulize 2.2 RC1 released!

Formulize 2.2 RC1 has been released, with over 30 new features, including advanced notification options, full import-from-csv capabilities, and new protections against cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks. This release, together with the companion Reg Codes module, provides several new account creation options: Users can now register for a basic account without needing a code, the profile form supports private elements for personal data, and there are a host of new approval and notification options related to new accounts. With a total of over 60 changes, improvements and fixes, this is the most comprehensive and flexible Formulize release yet. Even basic users will benefit from simple new features like the ability to specify horizontal or vertical orientation for individual checkbox and radio button questions, the ability to add a final "other" textbox to checkboxes and radio buttons, and the ability to select metadata, like "the user who created the entry," and "the creation date" as default fields when viewing a list of entries. There are also many, many interface improvements for end users, including several features to make the list of entries page easier to work with for novices, especially when no entries have been made in a form yet. New API features have been included in Pageworks for application developers, including the ability to present multi-page forms with skip logic. The "Using Formulize..." PDF has been completely overhauled with newer and more indepth information, particularly about Frameworks of forms. We are very proud of this release, and hope to confirm it as a Final release in the next couple of weeks. For those of you in the Toronto area, we hope to see you this Friday at the FSOSS conference where Julian Egelstaff will be making a presentation about using Formulize and XOOPS as a rapid application development system. Thanks for reading! --The Freeform Solutions Team

Julian Egelstaff (Oct 23)

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Formulize 2.2 coming soon!

A new version of Formulize is in the works, with tons of really neat features. It should be released in the next few weeks. You would expect that an RC1 release would be followed up with a conservative, final release that changed little if anything, but client demands have sent us back to the drawing board in a number of ways. The result is a lot of new features that we hope you'll appreciate: * Notifications of all kinds imaginable (and more than XOOPS normally allows) * Viewing frameworks of forms just by adding a "frid=" parameter to the URL * No need for the form menu block anymore if you don't want it, since the default page displayed by index.php is the General Forms category page * Frameworks of forms based on a common value in any two fields (you don't have to use linked selectboxes any more) * Private elements in forms that can only be viewed by users with special permission * Registration Codes enhancements to allow for codes that require approval, welcome messages for users, and more * A multi-page layout option for forms (when using Pageworks) * Rearchitecting the subform interface when showing a framework of forms -- subform elements now show up embedded in the main form instead of users having to shuffle off to a separate form and then come back * Dynamic default values for textboxes, that are generated by your own custom PHP code * Better import features * Export of calculations, not just entries * And as the saying goes...lots and lots more!! We've got even more plans, for a completely revised administration interface and approach to presenting forms and versions of forms to users (think of a click-driven interface, built directly into Formulize, to all the functions that you currently have to manually code in Pageworks -- specify multiple "variations" for each form, ie: a calendar version, a multi-page version, a "display only" version that simply shows information people have entered, etc). But I think we'll try to get a release out before we embark on that even bigger stuff. Thanks for your patience leading up to this exciting release. --the Freeform Team

Julian Egelstaff (Sep 08)

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Formulize 2.1 RC1 released!

The latest Formulize release provides integration with WF-Downloads, so that you can have custom forms for each category of file. It also provides a greater than 50% speed improvement in queries to the database. This release also marks the long awaited change over in datatable names, so that there is no longer any problem installing Formulize on a site that currently uses Formulaire, the module Formulize was originally based on. This latest release continues to allow use of a custom account profile form in your XOOPS website, if you use the companion Registration Codes module. All modules and patches that Freeform Solutions maintains have been updated to coincide with this release, and all documentation has been updated too. See the changelog for the full list of what's new. Thanks for reading, --The Freeform Team

Julian Egelstaff (Jun 01)

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Formulize 2.0.6 Beta Patch Released

The latest patch features a revised system for sharing data among users in the same groups, that gives webmasters of large and complex sites a lot more flexibility in how they implement forms and applications. This patch also features integration with the re-released Registration Codes module, so that now your users can have a custom registration form that is integrated with the Edit Account and View Account pages as well. --Julian

Julian Egelstaff (Mar 16)

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