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Project: Xoops2 Donations Module
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By: mantooth ( )
Replyipn testing problem [ Reply ]  
2005-03-02 02:27
Does anybody know how to fix this? I'm using xdonations 1.9 beta1. i know i'm using the correct email. and i'm using this ipn link in paypal but when i test the ipn, i get this message: Debug mode activated Xoops Donations Module PayPal Instant Payment Notification script See below for status: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opening connection and validating request with PayPal... FAILED to connect to PayPal Failed to post back.

    By: intel352 ( Jon L. )
    ReplyRE: ipn testing problem [ Reply ]  
    2005-03-02 03:50
    are you fully verified at paypal?

    By: intel352 ( Jon L. )
    ReplyRE: ipn testing problem [ Reply ]  
    2005-03-05 04:22
    no, the only thing that would be blocking paypal (to my knowledge) is if the ipnppd file were inaccessible, but it's definitely accessible. do you have your *primary* paypal email address entered into the xdonations configuration? if you have multiple addresses associated with 1 acct, make sure you use the primary email.

    By: mantooth ( )
    ReplyRE: ipn testing problem [ Reply ]  
    2005-03-07 02:23
    yeah. i went into my email settings in paypal just to doublecheck and it says primary next to it. and then i went into xdonations configuration and it's the correct email address.

    By: Ares ( Jeremy )
    ReplyRE: ipn testing problem [ Reply ]  
    2010-07-21 22:41
    i get same problem only no error message just white page no text please help if you find a solution please email me at

    By: emiliebona ( emilie bonam )
    ReplyRE: ipn testing problem [ Reply ]  
    2010-08-02 11:22
    Just make sure that you are fully verified with paypal.



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