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Project: CBB (newbb)
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Posted By: Predator
Date: 2005-01-29 15:04
Summary:NewBB 2.0.2 Final release

The Xoops Project is pleased to announce the Final of the Newbb 2.0.2 Brief Introduction to the Changes: - Bugfix: silly delete Bug - Bugfix: Poll Button was visible even if selected disallow in the Forum settings - Bugfix: " was missing in templates viewtopic_flat.html and viewtopic_thread.html - Bugfix: read / unread - Bugfix: search typo error - Added: TinyMCE Editor support - Added: Permission setting for the Subject Prefix - Changes in the Language Files: added -- main.php ---- define("_MD_FORM_TINYMCE","TinyMCE Editor"); -- modinfo.php ---- define("_MI_SUBJECT_PREFIX_LEVEL", "Level for groups that can use Prefix"); ---- define("_MI_SUBJECT_PREFIX_LEVEL_DESC", "Choose the groups allowed to use prefix."); ---- define("_MI_SPL_DISABLE", 'Disable'); ---- define("_MI_SPL_ANYONE", 'Anyone'); ---- define("_MI_SPL_MEMBER", 'Members'); ---- define("_MI_SPL_MODERATOR", 'Moderators'); ---- define("_MI_SPL_ADMIN", 'Administrators'); ---- define("_MI_FORM_TINYMCE","TinyMCE Editor"); Helpfiles included ( thanks to the french Xoops Support and philou ) Now, Get the: -- [url=] Newbb 2.0.2 Final [/url] -- [url=] Newbb 2.0.2 Final Update [/url] [b]If you update from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2[/b] just overwrite the files with the files in the update package and update the module in the moduleadmin. [b]From other Versions read the readme_first.txt[/b] For any suggestions, comments, bug report and feature request: Official NewBB 2.0 Project Demo NewBB 2.0 Project The NewBB project Team is always looking forward to security vulnerability report and fix, as well as other bug report, from ALL XOOPS COMMUNITIES. Regards Predator and phppp

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