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Project: Document Management System (DMS)
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Posted By: rifraff
Date: 2005-10-14 06:48
Summary:DMS 1.20 is now available!

DMS version 1.20 is now available. (Version 1.10 was an "internal release" and was released internally before it was deemed ready due to some features that were requested where I work.) Major changes: 1. A notification system has been added to e-mail users when documents are changed in selected folders. The notification system needs to be enabled, by an administrator, and the users or groups have to be added to the notifications section of the folder. 2. Permissions caching can easilly be enabled or disabled by an administrator. If the permissions caching system is enabled, users can now refresh the permissions cache by clicking on the "Refresh" command at the top of the screen. 3. Comments can now be added to a document. These comments can be e-mailed to users who are subscribed to the document, if the subscriptions system is enabled. 4. The default user interface can now be changed from the configurations screen. 5. Permissions inheritance can now be enabled from the configurations screen. If permissions inheritance is enabled, documents will inherit the same permissions as the folder in which they are created. 6. Administrators can now add or remove users from groups from an interface within DMS. 7. Most DMS configuration is now done through the Admin menu, on the main screen. 8. Only document or folder owners can change permissions. Formerly, users with edit permissions could change document or folder permissions. Please see the change-log for more details and other changes. Regards, Brian Reifsnyder

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