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Tab Mod
The Tab Mod was created to be used in conjunction with the ucberkeley_liquid theme. It allows webmasters to easily deploy a site based on tabs and sub-tabs (like Webmasters can hide the Main Menu block in entirety. This module is brought to...

For XOOPS-wide tag management, handles tag input, display and stats for each module that enables tag plugin.This module provides a centralized toolkit including input, display, stats and substantial more comprehensive applications, so that each module doe...

Team is a module for managing online gaming clansFeatures:- Roster- Matches- Tactics- Availability- Positions- Maps- Lineups- Custom ranks- Availability statsand is continously being developed

Team Communication Management System
Team Communication Management will allow full and filtered communication between team members working on the same project or on different proojects. It would also provide for private messages sent between members.Communications would be sent to users inbo...

Database of prospect agents and employees towards the entainment and modelling industry.

Ted's Trouble Ticket System
TTTSThis trouble ticket sytem specifically designed for xoops as been made to compensate the "flaws" I found in many other ticket systems. Most of them were too difficult for the end users.The initial release was written in only four days. Now I am adding...

Text Message Sender
TM Sender is a module that allows user to send text messages to other users' cell phones. This is a simple module, but can be powerful in conjunction with other modules.The TM Sender is created through the generous funding and volunteer work of the Stude...

Thai Xoops
This project will be focused on Thai Langauge for Xoops and all infamouse modules

The Zoops Bibles Projects
This is two Bible Projects in one place, as together they can form a unique system if wanted. The two projects are to integrate both systems in Xoops more... One Bible is with blocks built into it for lexicon/concordance references and search; working fro...

This is based on wich is a great timeline project using ajax and javascript

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