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ObjectReality is a generic OO-based datastorage application. The users can define their own classes in runtime, which can be used to store and retrieve information as an object.

OBS Time Tracker
The OBS Time Tracker is a time tracking application for consulting organizations, or any organization that wishes to track the activities of there employees by line items within days.The OBS Time Tracker was previously part of the OBS Client System, whcih...

Ogame GalaxieTool for Xoops
This module is an adaptation of the Ogame GalaxieTool project for xoops web sites.

Online language translater
translate xoops language file to use online web translate site, like google, babelfish.

OOSurvey - flexible online surveys
Create surveys that employ a variety of question types (text, multiple choice, etc). OOSurvey also gives you the ability to re-use questions in new surveys. This project employs enterprise application architecture for object creation and handling.

Open Content
A yellow-page like business directory for xoops usingthe mylinks module as the foundation. Adding the ability to show the resulting links in a frame

Open-realty port
Taken from is free web based listing management application. It is intended to be both easy to setup and use. Written in PHP, open-realty is designed to be a fast and flexible tool for your website. With a large open-...

OpenID is an internet wide single sign on protocol (aka Identity 2.0).

Oryxgen is a module generator based on database tables structure. It settles like any other module. It is used in the user part of xoops but accessible only for an administrator profile.The Oryxgen module is generated by itself. It is thus an example of e...

(Results 0 - 9 of 9)

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