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Facility Booking & POS Services
Facility booking & POS services module is used for booking the room and facility by member. This module would be useful for any community to provide the booking service in their center, house club, etc.

Purpose of this module "fader" is to simple fade message you setup. It works with javascript enabled browsers.Administration of this mod is simple, and you can make this text fade at popular, all and other page like other modules.

Farsi Xoops
We work to make the fully persian support xoops like:farsi editor ,correct date ,farsi unicode,..Thank you Mohsen Barahmannd

Fartviser frontend
A simpel user interface for embedded internet devices. I plan to make the user interface generic so it can be used for different internet enabled devices.E.g. A webpage to control a internet connected embedded device - may be your front door bell etc.

FatalQuery - Server Query module
FatalQuery is a port from the PHP-Nuke popular server query module for Halflife-based gameservers. Current working version is 1.75, a few updates are planned for xoops-specific features. FatalQuery v2.0 is about to be released by the original author, a po...

This is a "modulization" of the well known FCKeditor,a wysiwyg webeditor which makes easy to add content to your site even without knowing the html code.The module comes with ready-to-go integration files for the most used modules (News,WFsection,etc..) p...

FilmMakers, your movie repository
FilmMakers is a module that lets you keep a database of... filmmakers, which means not only a profile for each filmmaker, but also a list of relevant specialties, links to the filmmaker's movies (with the relevant roles) and links to video clips taken fro...

Finnish translations
Provide finnish translations for Xoops core and modules.

Flash games module
The flash games module is an easy way to add flash games to an xoops website. Games can be added and deleted through an admin section. The games can be sorted by hits, weight, title, they can also be hidden through the admin section.

A blocks based content management module with dynamic navigation. How is it different from "other" content modules? Blocks can be used more than once on as many pages as necessary. Also, a dynamically created navigation block will provide easy navigation.

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